We offer a variety of techniques to individually treat each patient.

  • Diversified/Full Spine
  • Thompson (Drop)
  • FRAS

Chiropractic is a profession that focuses on the master control system of the body, the nervous system. The spinal column houses our nervous system which is composed of the brain, spinal cord, and spinal nerves which extend out to every organ, tissue, and cell in the entire body.

When a vertebra moves out of alignment we as Chiropractors call this a "Subluxation". A subluxation can cause interference with communication between your brain and different parts of your body. As Chiropractors we are  trained to specifically and scientifically locate these areas of mis-alignments and gently adjust them back into proper position and therefore, helping the body function at it's optimal level.

Zweng Family Chiropractic



Dr. Matthew Zweng is a graduate of Michigan State University and Sherman College of Chiropractic and is the owner and operator of Zweng Family Practice Chiropractic. He has an extensive background in body mechanics and in the past held multiple National and World Powerlifting Titles. Through personal experiences and education he is able to utilize the knowledge he has gained to help many patients. Dr. Zweng has been providing care for over 10 years in the community and he is versed in many different chiropractic techniques to facilitate all patients from newborns to those in their 90's. Outside of the office Dr. Zweng enjoys motorcycles, cars, shooting, and most of all activities with his daughter. 

Dr. Matthew Zweng

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